What is disorder of psychosis and its treatment?

The psychosis is a disorder that affects severely in the mind which results in perception and thinking that is abnormal. The patients of psychoses have a less or lose the whole impact to reality. The major symptoms of psychosis are hallucinations and delusions. The beliefs that are false is known as delusions some of the examples are like the Television is sending you a secret message or thinks that someone plots against you etc. hallucinations are the perceptions that are not true. For example seeing, hearing or feeling something that is not present at all.

  • Causes of psychosis:

The causes of psychotic disorder are as follows:

  • Other infections and HIV which has an effect on the brain
  • There are numerous reasons why psychosis is caused which include:
  • Few drugs that are prescribed such as stimulant and steroid
  • Certain illegal drugs or alcohol at the time of using or withdrawing
  • Disease caused in the brain
  • Stroke
  • Cysts or brain tumors
  • Dementia
  • Few types of epilepsy.

Psychotic symptoms can also be found in persons such as

  • Persons affected with bipolar disorders
  • Personality disorders of a certain kind
  • Many people affected with schizophrenia
  • Symptoms:

The various symptoms are:

  • Disorganised speech and thought
  • Disordered thinking
  • Delusions
  • Hallucinations
  • Treatment:

The psychosis treatment has a combination of psychological therapies, antipsychotic medicines and social support.

  • Antipsychotic Medicines:

The other name for antipsychotic is neuroleptics. This is the treatment which is recommended first for psychosis, they work by stopping the dopamine effect. These medicines are not suitable for all because the side effects have a different impact. This will be specially monitored with patients having epilepsy and problems in cardio vascular systems. The antipsychotic medicine can decrease the feeling of aggression or anxiety within a few hours after in taking. To cure delusions or hallucinations they may take several weeks or days. This medicine can be taken orally or through injections.

  • Psychological Treatment:

The anxiety and intensity caused by psychosis is reduced, some of the treatments are therapy on family, cognitive behavioural therapy etc.

Thus in the above article we have discussed about psychosis its causes, symptoms and treatments.


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