Details about the voice in the head

Do you hear any voice in your head and getting scared or want to know the details about what it is. Then you read this article for more details.

  • Voice in head:

Where is the voice coming from? What should be done to make it quiet? Do you really know that the voice which comes in your head has a lot of self-judgements? What should be done to turn off the voice?

For most of the people the mind is something that does incessant describing, judging and comparing. Some people notice it and the others don’t identify that. Mostly the voices in my head have chatter in mind of various degrees. The variation is that some people notice it and feel it is them. Others think that the mind has a life on its own and take a decision to do something about it. One of the many helpful things in this process is to identify where it is from and what it is doing there. If you understand from where the voice is originated then it helps you get away from the reactions that are judgemental.

  • Understanding the voice:

You should first understand that the voice is not going to harm you in any way and self-judgements should be eliminated. The voice comes to make us feel happy and safe. It is usually operating to protect us.

  • Hearing Voices:

Hearing voices in my head can be just as the same as hearing the voice in the normal way by your ears; the main difference is that these voices have no source physically. Researchers say that it is not uncommon that everyone would have heard something like this but not noticed and analysed it deeply. It is even common for people to hear voices as if the thoughts are going into the mind from somewhere that are outside themselves.


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